Farani Taylor Global is dedicated to making the world a better place through promoting Global Citizenship and togetherness by investing into a shared future. We believe that freedom, leverage, actualisation, resourcefulness and excellence are crucial to tap into the power of global networks and create a better world.

Our leading British, European and international scholars, researchers, legal experts, strategists, professionals, industry leaders, humanitarians and media experts provide a common platform to influence the debate, policies and narrative on Global Citizenship.

With headquarters in London and access to more than 20 countries worldwide, we excel in providing a bespoke premium and unique consultative experience to our clients, operating with the highest degree of integrity, transparency and expertise.

We aim to attract millions of dollars of foreign direct investment (FDI) to member countries of the Global Citizenship Programme and work in close collaboration with the relevant governments and statutory organisations, universities, banks and financial institutions to ensure the quality of unique experience to our invaluable clients from all parts of the world.